Helping creators fearlessly shape culture.
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makisha noël

What do influential politicians, rap artists, and entrepreneurs have in common? A brand that resonates. As a Strategist and Coach, Makisha helps people fearlessly shape culture by creating their authentic brand that disrupts the status quo. She coaches her clients to create an on/offline experience that is both personal and valuable for the audience that is being served. Makisha has traveled around the world including France, Guatemala, Peru, Botswana, Haiti, and Turkey, empowering people to become relentless in their pursuit of creating a life they love. She’s been a Brand Ambassador for Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and AT&T, understanding what stories and experiences connect the most. Makisha is launching #BrandUniversity, an online interactive coaching program that teaches creators how to build their profitable brand package, communicate their value and get paid what they're worth! 

Press, Mentions, media

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