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Makisha Noël’s Portfolio

I am an emerging leader in the field of branding, marketing, strategy and international development. Over the past 5 years, I have done work including international & economic development work, hosting workshops, small to mid-size conferences, and community engagement in the United States, France, Guatemala, Peru, Botswana, Haiti, and Turkey.

I have been trained in facilitation of transformational dialogue, community engagement, and leadership. My focus is combining entrepreneurship and storytelling across cultures to impact communities. Therein lives my passion for branding and marketing as a vehicle for expressing emotion and value.

Top Skills

Leadership, Strategic Planning & Direction, Dialogue Facilitation, Public Speaking, Workshop Design, Project Management, High-Level Organizational Tool Creation, Administrative & Support Assistance

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Client Work + Proposals

Client: Bashment Boutique

Client: Walk My Shoes Non-Profit Organization

Client: Citiskope

Review Here: Pro Bono Proposal